Welcome to Southern Sky Synchronized, training in Sydney Australia, developing teams in the synchronized discipline of figure skating.

Synchronized Skating is a team event with artistic programs to music incorporating exciting formations that intersect, travel and pivot. It includes elements of the other figure skating disciplines such as spins, step sequences and field moves. Synchronized team skating has grown in popularity for skaters of all ages and levels.

At Southern Sky Synchronized, we continue to build the skating skills of each skater, training in foundational edges work as well as developing all aspects of synchronicity, such as; extension, style and choreography. Skaters will become adept in planning, setting goals, developing a common work ethic and supporting one another to overcome challenges in an atmosphere of encouragement.

Southern Sky Synchronized teams will meet the needs of many skaters ranging in ages from primary school to adults, providing a pathway from the beginner level through to State, National and International competitions.

With results beyond our expectations at Nationals since 2016, we aim to continue to enrich synchronized skating in Australia.

“Through synchronised skating, I get to work my best and discover many new skills that I can use to develop and apply in my personal skating. Whilst synchro is a great way to improve my skating, I have also made many great friends that share the same interests and IMG_6226encourage me. Synchronised skating is a wonderful sport that promotes teamwork.” Kathryn (14)

“Synchronized Skating is fun because you skate with others and not just by yourself. It is a great experience because you get to compete in great competitions like State and Nationals. Synchro has made me a stronger and faster skater.” Sophie (11)

Southern Sky appreciates the companies who have come on board to assist our skaters with sponsorship for the 2018-19 season:


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